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Universal Lithium Ion Battery Charger

Universal Lithium Ion Battery Charger
Universal Lithium Ion Battery Charger
Product Code : TJ 05
Product Description

9V2A 150W Desktop Power Adapter Features

  • Wide voltage input 100-240V, maximum: 90-264V, for the world to use.  
  • With short circuit, overload, overcurrent protection, the use of more secure.  
  • 100% full load test, stable performance.  
  • Insulation performance is good, high electrical strength.  
  • Good anti-interference strength, high reliability.  
  • Switching power supply performance DC ripple small, high efficiency, energy saving.
  • Products through the international safety certification requirements.

9V2A 150W desktop power adapter parameters

  • Rated input: 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz Max: 90-264VAC 47 / 63Hz
  • Rated output: 24 VDC ± 5%
  • Rated current: 6.25 A
  • Rated power: 150 W
  • Wen Bo and noise: <120mV
  • Short circuit protection: Intermittent disconnection, quick recovery.
  • Overcurrent protection: 130% -150%
  • Overvoltage protection: 115% - 135%
  • Working temperature: -10-50 ℃ (± 10 ℃)
  • Working humidity: 20% -90% RH
  • Storage temperature: -40-80 ℃ (± 10 ℃)
  • Pressure test: Input pair output : 3KV AC input to ground: 3KV AC
  • Insulation resistance: 100M ohms
  • Cooling method: natural cooling
  • Dimensions: 170 * 72 * 41.5 * mm (with screws)
  • Connector : DC interface 2.5 * 5.5 * 10 (can be customized)
  • DC wire: 1.2 M (can be customized)
  • Supply specifications: in the regulation, the US regulations, the British regulations, the European regulations, Korean regulations, Australian regulations, regulations, etc. (according to customer needs).

" 24V6.25A 150W desktop switching power adapter" is Jinpeng Electronics Co., Ltd. a power quality. The switching power supply using microelectronics technology and advanced manufacturing technology, combined with computer EDA aided design, carefully developed from the internal EMI electromagnetic filter, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and other multiple protection circuit. Advanced features perfect. Can suppress noise. To further improve the reliability of the product and anti-jamming capability. With the input operating voltage range wide, efficient, energy saving advantages. Widely applicable to the requirements of the power supply temperature is low, the performance of stable and efficient electrical appliances, such as closed-circuit surveillance cameras, telephone sub-machine, mini TV, tape recorders and other household appliances. Our products have passed a series of certification standards such as UL, GS, KC, PSE, CE, SAA, ROHS, FCC, and so on. This product has been subjected to high voltage and high current impact test with overvoltage protection, overload protection, Short circuit protection and over temperature protection, in the event of the above problems automatically disconnect the line, the maximum protection of your products from damage. We are committed to the factory products have excellent quality.